Roof centrifugal extractor 400ºC / 2h


Roof exhaust fan with horizontal discharge or vertical (THF) (TVFC - vertical discharge by means of a cover for smoke extraction).

  • Exhaust air from kitchens.
  • Fire extraction systems in office buildings and residences.
  • Ventilation in industrial and tertiary buildings.
  • Advantages:
    • Elegant and solid design.
    • Minimum dimensions due to unidirectional vertical exhaust cover.
    • Certified to work at 400 ° C / 2h.
    • Standard integrated proximity switch.
    • Optional - the ability to connect external controllers.
    • Maintenance Kit tilt.
    • Controllable flow through inverters or transformers.
  • Drive motor fixed on a plate supported by a column of four feet with a suction hole at the bottom.
  • Turbine made of galvanized steel with an aluminum cube, completely balanced.
  • Electric motor, IP55 protection, phase 400V / 3, Class F
  • Hidden support and pre-painted sheets.
  • Engine protective cover:
    • Made of polypropylene.
    • Four small cuts to ventilate the engine.
    • And integrated proximity switch.
  • Directive cover vertical exhaust.
  • Protective grille on the fan made of galvanized steel.
  • RAL 7015.
  • CART backstop gate type.
  • Uninsulated support base, H = 300 mm CPT type.
  • Support glass, sloping roof (the roof angle has to be determined by order) H = 300 mm type CTI.
  • PLV flange connection type.
  • Fire resistant flexible connection type MAN.
Texto para oferta: 
  • Roof exhaust fan with horizontal discharge (THF) or verical (TVFC) for smoke extraction (400ºC / 2h).
  • THF or TVFC type ATC.
Ejemplo de pedido: 
  • THF 32 / 4-8T


THF = horizontal type fan;

TVFC = vertical discharge

32 = nominal diameter impeller

4-8 = Number of poles, 2 speeds

T = Power supply 400 V - 3ph; M = 230V - 1ph